deGraaf Financial Strategies

Canada, Burlington

Leony deGraaf Hastings is a female financial planner in Burlington, who specializes in retirement income planning for women and seniors.

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deGraaf Financial Strategies

She chose this specialty based on personal experiences and a desire to bring clarity and simplicity to complicated matters. deGraaf Financial Strategies is recognized in the Burlington community as an award winning financial planning firm and financial advisor. What sets Leony apart is her knowledge, experience and caring, since she advises and truly cares about her clients as if they were family. She doesn’t just manage her clients investments, she integrates their entire financial landscape to ensure they are maximizing growth and government benefits, while minimizing risk and taxes. Leony deGraaf has extensive experience in probate, estate planning and settlement and has earned her CEA designation, in addition to her CFP and EPC designations. deGraaf Financial Strategies provides retirement planning clients with their personalized Retirement Income Road Map, which guides them to a tax efficient retirement income. The retirement plan brings clarity to the unknown and answers the question of when to take CPP and OAS, as well as when clients may have to downsize their home or consider a reverse mortgage in order to maintain their lifestyle later in life. Aside from referrals, many of Leony’s clients find her during a time of transition in life, such as divorce, retirement, downsizing or loss of a spouse or parent. Often they are seeking information, answers, clarity and guidance for their financial future and she is pleased to be their partner in their new journey. At deGraaf Financial Strategies, the goal is to break down complicated financial matters and simplify the seasons of life.

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