Dee Tozer International Pty Ltd

Australia, Melbourne

I am the founder of Couples Master Coaching. I am THE Couples Master Coach globally working with couples in crisis.

Main Services:

Dee Tozer International Pty Ltd

Several years ago I pivoted from Psychologist and Couples Therapist. I have guided more than 5,500 couples to sound repair.

I have a 90 day program which rescues and repairs couples in crisis after infidelity. It is unique in the world, the only program like it with a 96% successful outcome rate.

Infidelity, cheating, betrayal comes in many forms from flirting in the gym, sexting, emotional online to physical sexual relationships. I work with every form of cheating.

I am not your average therapist, much more than a couples therapist. I live in Australia however almost all of my couples are in the United States.

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