Décor Maniacs

United States, Massachusetts

Décor Maniacs is a black, woman owned business tailored to event planners and anyone planning a party as well as seasonal celebrations.

Main Services:

Wedding table Centerpieces, Candles, Candle holders and Candelabras, Donut Stands, Champagne Walls, Wedding Arch Backdrops, Custom Vinyl decal stickers, Wooden backdrop stands, Marquee numbers and letters, 3D Butterflies Stickers

Décor Maniacs

We take the hassle out of sourcing decoration supplies for your weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements, graduation ceremonies, baptism and more.

Décor Maniacs was founded by Immaculate Mukoya, who had a hard time sourcing supplies by herself for her wedding. She recalls some orders were canceled last minute while others that had been shipped from overseas could not make it in time despite being ordered months early. She decided to start small, and with the help of her husband who is a professional carpenter, they started making backdrops and champagne walls in their house basement. This experience natured the present day Décor Maniacs that has become a go to website for Event planners around the world.

We are here today because of you,
Welcome to Décor Maniacs 🤍

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