Deanna Thomas – Acupuncture & Wellbeing

United Kingdom, Middlesbrough

Deanna Thomas is a multi-talented therapist. Specializing in Healing, Energy Work, Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies, and Essential Oils.

Main Services:

Traditional Acupuncture, Holistic Therapies, Magic Oils Mantra Cards, Essential Oils, Fertility Support, Reiki Training, Reflexology, EFT Therapy, Wellness Coaching

Deanna Thomas – Acupuncture & Wellbeing

“Deanna Thomas – Acupuncture & Wellbeing Clinic provides a range of holistic treatments such as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Chinese Cupping, Reiki, Reflexology and EFT/ Aromatherapy consultations, all tailored to the individual.” Our clinic specializes in women’s wellness, pain management and fertility support and is located in Acklam Middlesbrough. Alongside offering appointments in person, we offer online wellness consultations that can help guide you in improving your wellness.

Deanna is also the creator of “Magic Oils Mantra Cards. A stunning deck of 54 beautiful Magic Oils Mantra Cards will help guide you in using essential oils to support your natural health and well-being. These cards have flown all around the world and are used by many people as wellness tool.

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