David Frank Gomes – Mindfulness & Life Coaching

Canada, Vancouver

Assuming you live to be eighty, you have just over four thousand weeks.

Main Services:

Personal One to One Life Coaching. 3, 6 or 12 month packages available, Mindfulness training. Online courses for organizations

David Frank Gomes – Mindfulness  & Life Coaching

So, for 80 years, you are stuck with yourself, and that is a relationship that needs to work well.
Are you spending too many of those weeks?

Living in the past.
Worrying about the future
Cursing a circumstance.
Ignoring important things.
Beating yourself up.
Turn your mind into a friend.

If you learn how to be at ease under all circumstances, then everything becomes an opportunity for you.

I offer an easier, kinder way to solve personal challenges and reach goals by combining the wisdom of mindfulness with the effectiveness of life coaching.
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Mindfulness will make your days feel better.
Life Coaching will make your days more fruitful.

I’m David.

I am a mindfulness coach who works with committed individuals who want a coaching partnership to create an impactful, thoughtful & mindfully productive life.

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"Seems to make things easier and less complicated. Overwhelm is the biggest issue for small business owners who have to do most things themselves."

Diib review by David Frank Gomes – Mindfulness & Life Coaching

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