David Frank Gomes – Mindfulness and Life Coaching

Canada, Vancouver B.C.

Assuming you live to be eighty, you have just over four thousand weeks.

Main Services:

Life Coaching packages 3 to 6 months, Mindfulness training for organizations /groups ( Online Course )

David Frank Gomes – Mindfulness and Life Coaching

So, for 80 years, you are stuck with yourself, and that is a relationship that needs to work well.

Are you spending too many of those weeks?

Living in the past.
Worrying about the future
Cursing a circumstance.
Ignoring important things.
Beating yourself up.
Turn your mind into a friend

If you learn how to be at ease under all circumstances, then everything becomes an opportunity for you.

I offer an easier, kinder way to solve personal challenges and reach goals by combining the wisdom of mindfulness with the effectiveness of life coaching.

Mindfulness will make your days feel better.

Life Coaching will make your days more fruitful.

I’m David. I am a mindfulness coach who works with committed individuals who want a coaching partnership to create an impactful, thoughtful & mindfully productive life.

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