DataTech Recruitment

South Africa, Paarl

Small projects and a small team highlighted the humble beginnings of DataTech Recruitment.

Main Services:

DataTech Recruitment

Emboldened by the vision of Therese Otten (Owner), the company/agency set out to become a premier vendor of recruitment services operating in South Africa. With clients that stretched from South Africa, Europe, Russia, to Canada, DataTech slowly began to build a presence within the Tech/IT world.

DataTech Recruitment successfully operates in the field of IT Recruitment and Executive Search for leading national and international companies. We collectively have over 25 years’ experience in the South African recruitment industry, specialising in the recruitment and management of white-collar staff, that connects IT professionals and companies. We provide verified IT Professionals to modern businesses which are ready to work with professionals all over the world.

We understand the importance of the expectations placed on us for the implementation of projects in the shortest possible time and accept the limitations within which the industry develops staffing decisions.

Supported by our professional and life experience, we focus on the best recruitment practices for Executive Search and IT Recruitment in South Africa and abroad. We keep enhancing our procedures and evolve dynamically side by side with our clients.

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