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If you feel lost or uncertain when it comes to transitioning your career into data science, I can help.

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Data Science Career Services

The services at are for current or aspiring data scientists. If you are aiming for a new job in machine learning, artificial intelligence, or advanced analytics – this is also the place for you too.

If you feel lost in your career transition, just know, starting out, you’re not alone. I help established and successful mid- and late-career professionals make the switch into data science. I can help you too. In this program, I share the exact steps that have worked for me and others. Plus, in my “Data Science Career Accelerator” program you get unlimited one-on-one support. For all of my programs you can work at your own pace.

When I say unlimited support in the “Data Science Career Accelerator” that includes live video conference support, telephone support, text support, and email support. If you have a question about data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or advanced analytics – you have me to provide speedy helpful support. If you have questions from a recruiter and you are not sure how to respond, we can video conference and I will help you prepare your response. If you have an informational interview and you want help preparing for that informational interview, I will help. In the “Data Science Career Accelerator” you can ask any question and at anytime and you will get a quality, confidential, useful, and helpful response.

Don’t waste any more time feeling lost. Avoid spending time just making mistake after mistake. I can help you feel less lost and also avoid unecessary mistakes. Explore my programs so you can more easily and more quickly make the switch to data science with ease. By working with me, instead of feeling your way through the dark and spinning your wheels, I will show you the shortcuts. I will answer your questions.

All of this will expedite your transition and also give you more time for your friends and family. You will spend less time writing your resumes and more time for what matters most to you – a quality personal and professional life less bogged down by tedious job searching activities.

Among the topics I can help you with include:

• Job Search Strategy – I can teach you the three (four really) best places for mid- and late-career professionals to find work in data science. When you’re my client I am also constantly looking for jobs with you. I will help you spot those hidden gems you might miss on your own.
• Career Development Planning – I’ll help you assess your skills and identify any gaps that need filling. Then, I’ll show you how to teach yourself the data science skills you you need to excel.
• Resume Writing – I can help you create a resume that will grab the attention of employers and recruiters.
• LinkedIn Optimization – Some of the most common mistakes on LinkedIn are also the easiest to fix. I can show you what they are and how to fix them. LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for your career. I’ll teach you how to maximize this tool. When done well, recruiters will call you.
• Professional Portfolio Development – If you don’t have a professional portfolio, I will personally help you get started. This is crucial. I can show you how to easily create portfolio entries that will differentiate yourself and get potential employers excited to interview and hire you.
• Interview Preparation – Learn what to expect in a data science interview. We’ll address the questions they will ask and then hone your skills so you can impress them.
• Practice Interviews / Interviewing Skills – I, and other interview coaches on my team, will work with you one-to-one. In my “Data Science Career Accelerator” program practice interviews are also unlimited.
• Salary Research – The cost of conducting salary research can be next to nothing except time and effort on your part. The return on investment for salary research is nearly immeasurably high. I will teach you how to do salary research.
• Salary Negotiation – I will show you how to request the salary that actually reflects your experience, skills, and value. Data science salaries are rising rapidly. You need to get the most you can. I know that starting out, it can be hard to make the switch from your current career into data science. Let me help you with this!
• Professional References Audits – When your professional references don’t make you shine like the star you are, it can hurt your chances at receiving the offers you deserve. Let me, and my team, audit your references to make they represent you well and also in a positive way without hesitation or reservation of any kind.
• And more.

Don’t waste any more time feeling lost in your career. With the help of my “Data Science Career Accelerator” program – plus other programs + resources – you make the switch to data science with ease. Specifically in the “Data Science Career Accelerator” you’ll get unlimited one-on-one support.

I love everything I do for clients but one of my favorite topics to work with clients on is the professional portfolio. For example, I can show you how to easily create new professional portfolio entries that will differentiate yourself. With the portfolio I can help you create potential employers will excited to interview and hire you. Of course we work together on all of other job documents (the resume, the social media, etc.). Plus, I offer interview preparation so you can impress them in an interview setting. Once you start getting offers, you’ll also learn how to conduct salary research so you can negotiate for the salary that reflects your experience, skills, and value. In all of these programs you can move at your own pace and you can cancel at anytime but I will let you keep all of the written PDF resources to be yours forever as a free gift.

Don’t hesitate and visit today.

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