Data 360 Network

United States, Los Angeles

Data 360 helps non-technical business users establish, grow and optimize their communities using our big data, AI and machine learning services which can save up to 90% of operational costs.

Main Services:

Application development, Big data consulting and implementation, Data quality management, Enterprise software development, IT consulting, Mobile app development, Platform consulting, Software consulting, Software develpment, Artificial Intelligence

Data 360 Network

Our clients use our services to create social media pages and apps, websites, mobile apps, platforms and other online software solutions to automate their marketing, sales, HR and general operations online.

Data 360 utilizes a unique data modeling, reporting and messaging solution powered by AI and machine learning to reduce the operations costs of our clients by up to 90%. Our customers use our platform as a service to augment or replace their existing SaaS, web, mobile or social media systems to save costs.

We are solving for the high costs of acquiring and managing customers, employees and community manually or with older software paradigms or web-based technologies.

We use the data from the internet genome about the users along with AI and machine learning to gain very detailed insights on millions of users at a time that are not otherwise possible from existing self-service systems like Google, Salesforce and Facebook. Those insights are used to develop highly personalized and targeted workflows, user interfaces, communication strategies, imagery and SaaS systems.

Only 1% of businesses ever have the chance to get venture capital and so many businesses struggle with obtaining customers and employees. As much as 75% of a businesses expenses can go to acquiring customers and employees and building community. Big data with AI and machine learning have the change to reduce that to 90% of its normal cost. Our solution is so much more than a game changer.

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