Darshan Sacred Jewelry

United States, Los Angeles

Hi! I'm Joel (Darshan) Ingwaldson - I'm a Kundalini Yogi, an intuitive energy designer and YOUR personal Vedic gemstone astrologer jeweler with 28 year experience in fine jewelry.

Main Services:

Mala prayer bead necklace, vedic astrology gemstone jewelry, angel numbers necklaces, high vibrational healing beaded necklaces, crystal earrings

Darshan Sacred Jewelry

I design with YOU in my heart to create mala prayer bead necklaces adorned with magical symbolism, sacred amulets and Vedic astrological gemstone jewelry with healing gemstones that vibrate with pure divine frequency, and made in alignment with the moon and stars to bring many blessings.

When you wear a piece of my jewelry, I want you to witness a noticeable energetic shift – which may reflect in a bright smile, the feeling of pure joy and as always, will bring YOU many blessings!

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