DarkHorse Delta Enterprises, LLC

United States, Casscoe

Our family-owned company was created to help market our cannabis education system to patients and industry educators. 

Main Services:

Cannabis education devices, Alternative medicine education

DarkHorse Delta Enterprises, LLC

As new patients, our main problems were:
1. figuring out which cannabis strains to choose for best health effects, and
2. how to save time and money on this expensive medication option–insurance does not pay for this as it remains federally illegal. 

Available information was time consuming and confusing to gather.  Often, we found ourselves spending hours online researching cultivars, recommendations, and research studies while trying to gather this information.  Wouldn’t it be great to have this information available at your fingertips, saving you time and money?
In response, we have created a patient education system using fun, interactive, and simplistic devices that help guide patients through this vital education process.  We gathered available information and condensed it into two interactive, double-sided paper app devices which allows patients to customize education for their individual health needs.  

Professionally, the key to the next big evolution in the cannabis industry is patient education. Uneducated consumers currently recognize and misguidedly demand high- THC cannabis strains. Educated consumers will drive the necessary changes to alter the cannabis industry’s trajectory, further establish medical legitimacy, and promote more medically effective strain selections and comprehensive lab testing profiles.  This requires a concentrated, consistent effort that motivates patients to learn and take control of their health.  Our education system is a valuable tool and resource for cannabis industry employees and educators for teaching reinforcement during counseling sessions.  Our Calculators allow patients and educators to use all 3 methods of effective learning: hearing, seeing, and doing! They are interactive in nature– inspiring the desire to learn and reinforcing vital concepts.  Check us out at www.darkhorsedelta.com!

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