Damselfly Creations

Canada, Regina Beach

I have been using my psychic abilities for my most of my life and reading Tarot for over 30 years.

Main Services:

Tarot Card Reading, Past Life Regression, Astrology, Theta Healing

Damselfly Creations

I have been using my psychic abilities for my most of my life and reading Tarot for over 30 years. I started my business 12 years ago, when I was helping my oldest daughter with her daughter, while she was attending university. Chloe’s Dream is named for my granddaughter who is now 13 and she is always involved in any trade shows that I attend. Between my two daughters, I have 10 grandchildren and I also work full time as a Project Coordinator for a Construction company. I also have a handmade craft business and make new product whenever I have time.
As well as Tarot Readings, I also offer Past Life Regression, Theta Healing and Astrology Reports. Tarot Readings are available in person, by phone or video and Astrology Reports, by email with a phone call to explain things if required. Tarot is by far the most requested service and I have many returning clients. I tend to focus on what is happening in your life at present and what is coming up in the next while. Clients will sometimes come for a reading as they are wanting to know about something specific, but some just want to know what important thing may be coming up for them next. If it is urgent, I will do my best to make time to do the reading within a day or so, but bookings usually need to be made a few days to a couple of weeks in advance, depending on how booked up I am.
My website was built by my brother Sean and he has done a fantastic job. As well as keeping people up to date with what is going on Astrologically, I post monthly and weekly General Tarot Readings for each Sun & Rising Sign. There is lots of information on how astrology works as well as the origins of Tarot. As well, we have free, computer generated Tarot & Rune Readings, and daily & monthly horoscopes. There is a forum which I plan on using with my social media for discussion on all things metaphysical and with time, I will also be adding courses for Tarot and other content.

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