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CyberNaira is a content publishing platform for beginner online entrepreneurs to learn SEO, blogging, content marketing, and social media for business growth.

Main Services:

seo , product reviews, services review, content , wordppress development, affiliate marketing


About CyberNaira

Since 2012, we’ve been sharing valuable content that helps beginners and intermediate bloggers build, grow, and manage their online presence.

From creating in-depth guides that help you understand how to start a profitable blog to sharing the tools and strategies we’ve used ourselves to reach thousands of readers worldwide, there is an abundance of resources to help you navigate every step of your online journey.

Our Goals

Since its inception, the focus has always been on delivering invaluable content that helps solve the audience’s problem. And that has never changed even after seeing many industries and algorithm changes over the past years.
Our goal is to deliver through experience and achievements to our audience information that will help them achieve financial freedom through the power of blogging.

Based on our years of experience in digital marketing, we’ve created guides and content to point you in the right direction, show you tools and resources to maximize your marketing efforts and start seeing results as quickly as possible.
From beginners to advanced in-depth guides on marketing, the blog is always updated with relevant content to help you succeed.

Founder and Editor

In July 2012, Shamsudeen Adeshokan started CyberNaira as a blog to learn internet marketing and blogging. It was all about experimenting with his new discovery but something that soon turned into a career and part of his life.
He uses the blog to learn how to blog and how to make a living online.

From a humble beginning to being featured on prominent industry blogs, it has been an amazing experience so far. This experience he has to take along to start blogs in other industries and grow them into profitable businesses.

He has been featured on and writes for some of the industry’s big outlets such as Search Engine Land, HuffPost, UpCity, Daily Blog Tips, and more.

Shamsudeen believes in this statement “Blogging is a business, treat it as such”

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