CW Sales Ltd.

United Kingdom, Leeds

At CW Sales Ltd., we help companies hit sales targets, increase profit, and grow!

Main Services:

Sales consultant, Sales training, Sales Coach, Technical Sales Specialist, Sales Consultancy, Sales Trainer, Technical Sales Training, online sales course, Sales Strategy

CW Sales Ltd.

At CW Sales Ltd., we help companies hit sales targets, increase profit, and grow!

As independent sales consultants coming from a technical role, we know that learning how to successfully sell into a technical market is different from more conventional marketplaces. For instance, many technical salespeople originate from an engineering or technician role.

This is because product and industry knowledge are both critical for technical sales. Understanding how your customers’ products and processes work is vital to providing confidence in your sales technique and finding solutions to their needs.

We are experts in providing technical sales consultancy, sales training and sales coaching for businesses in all industries, with experience in the manufacturing and servicing industries. We help you with queries on how to improve sales, train sales staff, or grow as a company.

At CW Sales Ltd, we are an experienced sales strategy consulting firm with a proven track record with a sales improvement process that will increase productivity, streamlining, and promote growth within profits and the company.

We will work with you to create bespoke sales solutions within your industry, whilst keeping your specific needs in mind. We’re proud to be independent sales consultants creating tailored support packages without using unnecessary sales jargon or generalisations.

We recently devised an online sales training solution to improve sales conversion rates and gain better quality leads & customers. It is a 6 week sales course including weekly and personal sales coaching that will provide what is needed to build the skills and confidence to convert more leads into sales.

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