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Customized Copywriting

We’re not the typical cookie cutter freelance copywriting service, not going into a rant about how our words beat theirs. It’s all about results. Accomplishing your goals by selecting the correct style and the correct voice. To indicate your intension, if you are educating, or asking, or invoking an emotion, or calling for a direct response. Look, the brass tacks of copy that compels is found in the reading. You know what I mean. Sometimes you don’t get half way through and it lands in the trash. Other times you think, “I’ll think about it”. and other times you grab the phone and punch the numbers. That was done through words my Friend.
Here’s a fun-fact; Customized Copywriting creates new thoughts through new word use and sometimes new word combos all together. When I was selling real estate I coined a phrase, “Stage Coaching” to describe the suggestions I’d make about the interior stage process. That was fun.
Ever stepped outside the box and tried new approaches? Why is there only one way to sell? Trick question. There isn’t! As a former Real Estate Broker/Owner I have had buyers climb the front entry steps of my open house, gripping a flyer I wrote in their hand and tell me they had to come see the house of the flyer. I even sold them that house because I place creative info in my materials, information that’s custom. I’m not giving out details either. It’s the “secret sauce”.
For a decade I pumped a pipeline full of mortgages; very much a wonderful journey. The mortgage market is so exciting and bursting with details. In marketing, the same principles apply to bolster origination rates and in like manner loan closings. Articles, landing pages, blogs, great bios and side by side comparisons sere you well.
As you might have guessed my niche is the Real Estate Industry; with 20 years experience I learned what challenges Realtors/Mortgage Brokers are undergoing and offer ideas to help. For instance, I knew a Realtor named Gary who was interested in the building process as a young boy. I asked if he had any childhood photos with projects like erector sets and he did! He came up with a pic when he was 4 building a big building with Lincoln Logs. We developed a story around that into his brand of today. “Childhood dream comes true”. People buy from people through…Copy to Capture…Convince…and Convert.

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"The clear instructions on how to improve performance of your website is terrific. The contact that inquires info about your site to help them pinpoint personalized suggestions is how they begin. I'd recommend this service."

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