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A baby toy should be more than a chunk of plastic, filled with chemicals, and made in a factory that values their bottom line more than the quality of the product they manufacture.

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It should be all-natural, chemical-free, and safe for your baby to explore.
You shouldn’t have to worry every time the toys enter the baby’s mouth.
You should be able to relax, knowing that the toy doesn’t pose a choking hazard and doesn’t have any scary chemicals in it.
A toy shouldn’t be slobbered on, played with for a few minutes, and then go missing at the bottom of the toy box because it didn’t capture your baby’s interest.
It should be well-loved, played with, and spark the imagination of your child in a way that keeps them coming back for more.
Parenthood gives you enough to worry about as it is, why add toys – something that’s supposed to be fun, imaginative, and inspiring – to the list?
There has to be a better way, right?
There is. And it’s called CUBOS.

CUBOS are beautifully constructed hardwood toys. Every CUBOS is handmade with extremely high-quality woods
Some of the most notable features include:
 No stain, just beautiful wood.
 No harmful chemicals. Period.
 All-natural, beeswax finish that makes the toy look great.
 Perfect size for baby’s hands.
 Heirloom quality.
 Timeless appeal.
CUBOS is the toy you’d want if you were a baby again. And it’s a toy that anyone can feel confident giving because its unique design and superior construction conveys the message that you truly care.
Read more about all of the safety considerations that went into the one-of-a-kind design of the CUBOS.
The inspiration behind CUBOS and why it’s the perfect toy for your loved ones.

The CUBOS is founded by Anson Wong, a mechanical engineer with a master degree in industrial design.

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