Crotalus Defensive Services

United States, Salisbury

Crotalus Defensive Services is a company comprised of trained first responders from the medical and law enforcement fields.

Main Services:

Self Defense, CPR, Firearms , Active shooter response, First aid, Concealed carry, Red Cross, ASHI, AVERT, NRA

Crotalus Defensive Services

We provide top quality emergency response training to both professionals and civilians.

Our product categories are firearms/self defense, ECARE, and active shooter response.

The firearms and self defense field at Crotalus consists of everything from a basic firearms course to concealed carry classes through advanced armed self defense classes. Our Women’s Self Defense class has been very popular and it consists of close quarters weapons techniques, martial arts techniques and transitions from hand to hand to armed self defense.

Our ECARE program consists of basic CPR/First Aid/AED classes to Wilderness First Aid and extends to advanced Instructor programs so that anyone with aspiration can start a rewarding side business teaching life saving skills.

Our active shooter response program was born out of necessity due to an ongoing spike in active violence events. We teach professional active shooter response classes, armed civilian surviving an active shooter programs, church security active violence response and AVERT. AVERT is a survival and life saving civilian active violence response program run through HSI and has become very popular. We are also accredited instructor trainers for the program so we can help out individuals wanting to become instructors.

We offer individual and group rates so no matter if your an individual that wants to learn self defense or become an instructor or a group/business seeking to train 60 people in CPR or even as instructors Crotalus Defensive Services has you covered.

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