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Cross Internet

Mission Vision
The Internet is indispensable in today’s society. In the commercial landscape, it has acquired a solid place in the marketing mix. The growing number of entrepreneurs and companies with a strong online focus are driving demand for quality, time-saving online features that add value both in the office and on the go. The rise of cloud computing is confusing traditional IT infrastructure and lowering the barrier to full-service automation solutions. However, the speed of technical change and the unpredictability of search engine regulations make it very difficult for an entrepreneur to stay up to date online.

It is more difficult for the ambitious and growing entrepreneur to differentiate themselves online and make sure their business is easily and continuously available. This increases the need for a reliable Internet partner who guarantees an always up-to-date, effective and secure online presence and knows how to achieve optimal online results.

At Cross Internet we have all the in-house experience to be a proactive, full service online partner. Through our online projects, Cross Internet shares the passion and commitment of online business. As a result, our customers directly benefit from our daily updated experiences with online marketing and optimization. Furthermore, as a partner of Google, we are always aware of changes and technical regulations.

Our unique management system allows us to fully adapt our online presence to customer needs and combine it with the highest possible online security. Numerous long-term business relationships and proven results give us the confidence to provide our customers with adequate assurance to achieve the agreed online goal.

Your plan becomes our challenge
You come to us with an idea. A plan. You want to achieve something with your company, and in Cross Internet you have found the right online partner to achieve these goals. Since we want to know exactly how your company works and which short and long term goals you want to achieve, we will talk to you. Your wishes, requirements and vision for now and the future are discussed. It is up to us to build a website, webshop or online environment that is completely in line with this.

After you have informed us of the ins and outs of your company, we will turn the tables: on the basis of the information obtained, we will inform and advise you about the possibilities. Through this informative interaction, an optimal plan is ultimately drawn up to achieve business goals. A plan that both you and we support.

From plan to project execution
After you have approved the project, we get to work. Based on your wishes, the project is designed by our team of professionals. The designers take care of the appearance of the online environment, the developers ensure that it becomes a working whole and the content specialists provide the textual interpretation. After that, the SEO experts get to work to optimize online findability. In this way we work closely together to realize the assignment according to your wishes. Of course, you will be kept informed of the progress of your project, and you will be given the opportunity to give your opinion and make adjustments, for example in the field of design and content.

When you are completely satisfied, everything is completely tested again and finally the delivery takes place. You can now use your new website, webshop or online environment!

The results speak for themselves
Results can be achieved after delivery. Your website will attract visitors, the webshop will generate sales, and your online environment will accelerate (internal) business processes.

Analyze and Learn
Our motto is: we can always do better. We strive for the maximum achievable, but more sales can always take place, more visitors are attracted and, in short, more results are achieved. Our data analysts keep a close eye on your statistics and adjustments can be made on the basis of this.

Adjust for optimal results
Our analysts look closely at your website and ask critical questions. For example, are there certain points or pages in the ordering process where visitors get off? Are there any pages that perform better or worse than average? Based on these questions, an improvement recommendation is made.

The analysis and adjustment process is constantly repeated. As a result, we are constantly striving for an optimal result.

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