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Crewdle provides a new way to do your video calls and your videoconferences

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Crewdle provides a new way to do your video calls and your videoconferences. 100% encrypted and green video conference made simple.

Why use Crewdle?

Because it’s secure.
Because our technology doesn’t rely on servers, your streams are truly encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual meeting. Your streams are truly encrypted at all times and between all people participating in a virtual meeting.

Videoconferencing solutions that use servers to relay the participants’ streams encrypt the streams. However, these streams are decrypted once they reach the servers, which allows these companies to manipulate the information, sell it to third parties for advertising purposes, or extract data from purposes that are not always clear…

Because it’s private.
Because we don’t have any servers, Crewdle will never listen in and you don’t run the risk of having your data or streams exposed. Unlike the practices of most web giants, your privacy will never be used to monetize the platform or create targeted ads that will follow you around online.

Many companies that have access to our data and feeds have failed to keep it private or have even used it to their advantage.

Because it’s green.
By connecting us directly to each other, Crewdle eliminates the need for servers and allows streams to travel the shortest distance possible while using the least amount of energy.

A recent study conducted by Purdue University confirms that video conferencing platforms are major polluters. They produce up to 1kg of CO2 and use up to 12L of freshwater per hour of use per participant. Add to that the electricity required, which does not always come from a renewable source… The negative environmental impact of servers is real. The culprits are mainly the data centers that are often located hundreds or thousands of miles away from where users are located.

Because it’s simple.
Crewdle is simple to use and will remain so. The user experience is designed with you in mind. Everything happens right in your browser. Clean and inviting design. Diverse and useful features. A refreshing fluidity.

The most used video conferencing platforms have unfortunately accustomed us to heavy downloads that slow down the computer and take control of it, mandatory and frequent updates, multiple permissions, user agreements filled with exclusionary clauses and fine prints, or even lagging sound and images.

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