Credit Solution Programs Inc

United States

Credit Solution Programs is a nonprofit credit education and counseling organization with a mission to have personal credit education taught in public schools around the country.

Main Services:

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Credit Solution Programs Inc

Credit Solution Programs champion the cause for life skills and the cause of changing the traditional ways education is taught.
Credit Solution Programs offers consumer advocate credit services using consumer credit rights under federal and state laws.
With our credit repair program, we not only help raise your score by attempting to remove negative information, but we also help you build a balanced credit report. To attempt to remove negative information from your credit report, we use consumer protection laws to force the creditors or credit bureaus to remove any negative information that violated your rights under federal and state laws. They must prove that everything is accurate, current, and verifiable, and must have followed the laws set under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. If they do not have the documentation or violated it, they must remove it! We developed this system not only to help people avoid bankruptcy but also to assist them in purchasing real estate and vehicles.
We are a non-profit company and military veteran owned.
For our credit restoration services, we do not charge a monthly or upfront fee. We only charge after an item has been removed or corrected. For basic collections such as medical, phone, or cable services as well as defaulted credit cards, we charge $50 per credit bureau; for defaulted auto accounts, we charge $150 per credit bureau; for bankruptcies and defaulted rental accounts, we charge $200 per credit bureau, and for defaulted mortgages, we charge $250 per credit bureau.
Once a defaulted item has been deleted or a negative mark has been corrected, we will send you an itemized invoice via text, e-mail, and postal mail. If you have other existing defaulted accounts after payment, we will continue to challenge the defaulted items that may be inaccurate, unverifiable, incomplete, or may have violated your consumer credit rights. If there are any default accounts that we are unable to remove, we will consult you for possible settlement(s).
We also offer debt settlement and debt consolidation services.

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