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Why choose Craig Swapp & Associates? Because we care! Thousands of positive reviews prove that we’re here for you!
You may not realize this but not all attorneys are right for you and your case. Many attorneys simply treat you like a number and settle your case without getting you full value and full compensation.
At Craig Swapp & Associates, you matter to us. If you’ve been injured by the fault of someone else, choosing Craig Swapp & Associates is critically important if you expect:
1) to be fairly and fully compensated;
2) to be treated with respect, caring, and compassion; and
3) to not be taken advantage of by the insurance company.
With thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, Craig Swapp & Associates is the one law firm that can put you back on your feet – physically and financially – after being injured unfairly by someone else – whether your injury is from a wreck, animal attack, slip and fall, or other incident.
At Craig Swapp & Associates, we know that it’s absolutely essential for your financial well-being that you recover all your damages and losses from the responsible party and his or her insurance company. In almost every case, it’s difficult if not impossible for you to get the insurance adjustor to give you full value for your case. Often, the adjustor will tempt you with a quick settlement, but the downside to taking the easy buck is that you close the door to all future medical bills, personal compensation or unforeseen costs – leaving you to pick up those costs out of your own pocket. You need a fair and full settlement to get the medical care you need, repair your property damage, and simply move on with your life. But getting that compensation is not easy, which is why you want to contact the personal injury lawyers of Craig Swapp & Associates.
Craig Swapp & Associates has the experience and legal expertise that you want on your side. Our veteran injury attorneys have handled a multitude of cases that include all kinds of accident types and injuries (from soft tissue to severe injuries). In those accidents that result in death, our attorneys will be able to help the family of the deceased by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. No matter what you or your family have been through, Craig Swapp & Associates will know how best to handle your case and get you the best outcome available for your personal injury case.
Also, at Craig Swapp & Associates, we have the resources available to handle your case anywhere in the Intermountain West or Pacific Northwest. With locations across six different states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah), Craig Swapp & Associates has developed a network of legal contacts and expert witnesses, as well as a variety of other resources that can prove critical to the outcome of your case. When your future well-being is on the line, it’s comforting to know that your attorney has all the necessary tools available to succeed with your case.
It goes without saying that our personal injury law firm has a powerful reputation throughout the legal community in the states we serve. When an insurance adjustor learns that Craig Swapp & Associates is handling your claim, he or she will know that you mean business and are expecting a fair outcome to your case. We strive to settle cases quickly through negotiations, but the insurer will know that we’re not afraid to file a lawsuit and push forward with a mediation, arbitration or even go to court to get you the compensation you need.
When it comes to car wrecks, many of our clients never expected that they would need the services of Craig Swapp & Associates. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there are over 220 million licensed drivers in the United States. These drivers account for a staggering 3.5 trillion miles traveled each year. In addition, the Bureau of Transit Statistics reported 375 million vehicles are registered, including passenger cars, commercial trucks and motorcycles. That number doesn’t include electric scooters or bicycles – which many people also use for transportation or recreation. As you can imagine, each year more drivers and vehicles are added to America’s highways – it’s no wonder our rural roads, freeways and city streets are more congested than ever.
One unfortunate result of this large influx of vehicles and drivers is the increased chance of an accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, public transportation, or pedestrian. The most recent census reported that 12 million drivers were involved in some type of vehicular accident last year alone. In that same time period, 35,000 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents – that’s a small city being wiped out each year. What a sobering thought.
So what do you think the odds are of you being in an accident this year? It’s hard to believe but the odds are 1 in 20, or 5 percent. Now, imagine having those odds over some 50 to 60 years of driving. As we often hear, “It’s not a matter of if you’re in an accident, but when.”
Do you still think it won’t happen to you? Sometimes being a safe, law-abiding driver is not enough. There are many drivers out on the roads that often drive distracted, buzzed or partially/completely impaired. The irresponsible drivers also break laws by speeding and running red lights. Sometimes other drivers can simply make poor driving decisions. Some people driving can even experience a medical problem. Another factor to realize is that there are other intangibles involved: poor weather conditions, road rage, debris on the road or unexpected road construction, etc. As you can imagine, being a law-abiding and defensive driver is just not enough to keep you and your passengers safe.
So, don’t forget this fact: You will most likely be in an accident one day. That means you should be prepared to deal with the consequences of any wreck, which may include:
1) Dealing with the police or other legal authorities;
2) A trip to the hospital, ER or doctor if you or your passengers are injured in any way;
3) Follow-up medical care, physical therapy, surgeries, or long-term health issues resulting from the accident.;
4) Short term or long term physical, mental or emotional issues;
5) All kinds of insurance matters and hassles (including reporting, compensation and legal issues);
6) Legal problems if you’re found liable for the accident, or if someone else is liable for causing the accident;
7) Property damage matters regarding the repair of your vehicle (or other’s vehicles if you’re responsible for causing the accident).
So, what happens if the odds catch up with you and you find yourself involved in an accident? If you’re lucky, the accident may be minor, and not of a serious nature. But regardless of the severity of the accident, there are a number of things you should do to protect yourself.
If you are not severely injured yourself, you should use a cell phone to call the police or other emergency services, such as 911. You should make sure you give the dispatcher the exact location where the accident happened and answer any questions the dispatcher asks. The dispatcher will send police to the accident; however, if there are injuries the dispatcher will also send emergency medical personnel.
After calling for help, you should check on the injuries of other drivers/passengers. Severely injured victims should not be moved unless there is a critical problem (for example, the car is on fire). If you are injured, tell the police or paramedic about your injuries or pain. If the injury is significant, you may be transported to a local emergency room to be treated. You may later feel pain after the accident. If this happens, see a medical professional right away. Remember, if you don’t get medical care following an accident (and have it documented), you may harm your case with no evidence that you were ever injured.
At the accident scene, you should present your driver license, vehicle registration and insurance information to the police. The officer will use it to complete an exchange-of-information form for you and other drivers, as well as for the police report
It is always a good idea to document the accident scene by using your phone to shoot video or photographs. It’s important to take photos of your vehicle, as well as all other vehicles involved in the accident. Also, take pictures of the entire accident scene. Remember, any photo is better than no photo at all.
Look around to see if any bystanders witnessed the accident and gather their information (name, phone numbers, address, and what they saw).
It’s important that you contact your own insurance company as soon as possible to notify its representative of the accident. It is never a good idea to contact or give a recorded statement to the adverse insurance company until you have retained a lawyer. I you misspeak or make a verbal mistake, you can hurt your future case.
Remember that under the law you have the right to legal representation to help you deal with the insurance company and to receive a full and fair settlement. Do not wait to seek legal help. Often, insurance adjusters will push you to make statements or sign documents that will damage your claim. It is always smart to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible following an accident so that your case will be as strong as possible and to prevent inadvertent mistakes.
A question we often address is “I wasn’t hurt enough to go to the ER, but I do have pain. Isn’t it better to wait to see if I get better first?” That is not a good idea! After an accident you should be examined by a doctor or a medical clinic. This is especially true if you have complaints regarding back pain, whiplash or headaches. These injuries are all common to car accidents. Soft tissue injuries often get worse over time and may become chronic if not treated. If you don’t have a medical professional, our attorney will recommend a doctor who has experience in treating auto accident injuries.
So do you have a good case? You and your attorney have a strong case for a financial settlement if these facts exist:
The accident is not your fault and the cause of the accident can be pointed at another person or driver.
You have injuries and there is evidence or other documentation (medical records, photographs, etc.).
The at-fault driver or the vehicle’s owner had insurance when the accident occurred. (If the at-fault driver or the vehicle was not insured, you will need to use your own insurance policy for compensation.)
Damage to both your car and the other vehicle(s) is important evidence that an accident occurred.
With your injuries, there should be no significant gaps in medical treatment. If you allow a gap in treatment to occur, the insurance company will likely offer less on the claim.
Be careful about your medical treatment. Some doctors, chiropractors or physical therapists may over-treat with excessive treatments or office visits. Your doctor should treat patients reasonably and provide only the care that is medically necessary. Extremely high medical bills are a problem with the insurance company and will invite additional scrutiny.
As you can see, there are lots of reasons that can hurt your case. When you use Craig Swapp & Associates for your case, we can monitor your legal case and medical treatment to get you a full and fair settlement

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