Coulter Credit Repair LLC

United States, Philadelphia

Coulter Credit Repair LLC is a credit repair and education company that started back in 2014.

Main Services:

Credit Repair, Mortgage Lending, Credit Consultations, Credit Counseling

Coulter Credit Repair LLC

For the past Eight years, the firm has become an epitome of credit score improvement as it has helped thousands of Americans improve their credit standings and thus gain access to loans to achieve many milestones, including to get a college loan, buy a house, get a dream car, or simply live a debt-free and financially successful life.

Started by leading credit repair expert Ramsey Cory Coulter, Coulter Credit Repair has a leader that knows the industry inside and out. Ramsey has many accreditations and industry-specific experiences that put him at the forefront of the credit repair market. He is a certified credit expert, as well as certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. He also has been used as a Credit Expert Witness in federal court cases for inaccurate credit reporting, mainly to precisely estimate whether damages have been sustained to consumers credit who were victims of the credit bureaus, banks, and debt collectors reporting inaccurate information. Ramsey has mastered the art of accurately determining credit-related information and correct coding supplied by credit bureaus through his specialized industry experience. He is also a licensed mortgage lender in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

With his extensive experience in the credit reporting field, Ramsey started Coulter Credit Repair with the mission of helping people improve their credit standings to get ahead in life financially. A disproportionate amount of Americans struggle to make a living, get a job, rent a house, buy a home, or get a business loan for the very reason that their credit scores are low. More disturbing is the number of people who feel helpless and clueless because they don’t understand the credit
scoring system.

One of Coulter Credit’s main focuses as a company is to educate their clients to get better credit scores through the company’s help. Through education consumers also can understand how to continue improving their own credit, even once finished the program. Many people want to understand the process of building and improving their credit scores but don’t get that kind of support from ther credit repair companies. Coulter Credit Repair stands out in that its highly qualified staff walk their clients through the process and help them understand any bit or piece they want to be aware of themselves.

Coulter Credit Repair currently offers a free and no-obligation credit consultation for anyone who wants to get a pulse of their current credit health first. For anyone who wants to move forward in getting better credit scores, the company’s representatives are more than ready to trigger that process.

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