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Canada, Toronto

CoolYourSweats was created after my own journey and battle with chronic night sweats. Night sweats left me uncomfortable, hot and clammy at night, and completely exhausted during the day due to sleep deprivation.

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CoolYourSweats Inc.

I searched for sleepwear but couldn’t find anything satisfactory to help me sleep more comfortably.
I used my own knowledge from the green building world to help me locate the right fabric to keep me dry and comfortable all night long. But I couldn’t find sleepwear made from the fabric. I was shocked and offended that there was so little choice available to women of a certain age to help with this common problem.
I decided that I would make it my mission to help women with chronic night sweats (regardless of cause), sleep more comfortably.
Our fabric is unique compared to what else is on the market. We use a blend of 55%/45% hemp and organic cotton. The remarkable structure of the hemp fibre is what gives it its wonderful heat and moisture-managing properties. Hemp is an amazing fibre but is not well understood due to its being banned in North America for 80 years. Presently it is more commonly known as a food source (hemp hearts) and as an anti-inflammatory product. However, its fibres have over 200 uses, including fabric. In fact, until it was banned, hemp was used for clothing, and other fabric items, such as sails and ropes, for hundreds of years. It is a durable, easily-grown crop that requires very few inputs.
From a night sweats perspective, the inherent nature of the fibre is what helps provide relief to night sweats’ sufferers. The hemp fibre used for fabric is a bast fibre (as is linen). This fibre has a hollow core and is highly porous on the outer layer. This structure naturally draws heat and moisture away from the body where it travels through the fibre cores to where it can evaporate. Due to the hollow structure, some residual heat stays in the core. For night sweats sufferers, this is a benefit because after the initial flushing and sweating, there is a sharp temperature drop and we feel chilled. During that period, the heat is released from the hemp fabric back to your body. The result is that the nightgown helps flatten the night sweats peaks and valleys. How it helps you is that you feel your night sweats less and are able to sleep less disturbed. This means that you wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning.
We have many happy customers who are able to sleep through the night again because of this nightgown.
Hemp is also naturally anti-bacterial so it needs to be washed less often.
Our nightgown style was also designed thinking of night sweats and where you tend to have the greatest sweat areas. Because the most common areas for sweating are under the arms as well as the chest and torso, we created a high neckline, and medium armholes in order to capture the moisture and heat. Further, a knee-length nightgown offers flexibility for other areas prone to heat. Legs can burn – but not sweat so some women prefer them to be bare.
CoolYourSweats was created to help women night sweats’ sufferers get their sleep back. We currently offer one sleepwear style and one pillowcase. Simple is better. Our products are designed and made in Canada and last a really long time. They are easy to care for (wash and dry) and easy to use.

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