Connection Media Co.

United States, Ogden, UT

Connection Publishing was founded in 2016 as a community magazine company.

Main Services:

Print advertising, SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Ads, Reputation Management, Digital display (Geo Targeting, device ID, retargeting), videography, email advertising, websites

Connection Media Co.

We set the goal to create more connection in our own community. Today we have grown and now have 5 magazines in 5 different communities and are a full-service digital marketing agency. We serve businesses in Northern Utah under our new name, Connection Media Co.

In 2022 Connection Publishing realized that there is a great need and opportunity in Digital Marketing and Video Marketing for their primary customers, local small businesses. Connection Media Co. has become a partner for local businesses to advertise in print, digital, search engine (PPC), Social Media, and Video platforms (CTV, OTT, Pre-Roll, and YouTube. We even use our creative experience to shoot videos on location to help clients create videos for their businesses. Our company has grown from a simple idea, to create connection in our community to now delivering magazines to 65,000 homes and reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers digitally for our advertising clients.

Ryan Spelts – Founder/ CEO – Ryan has spent 25 years selling various products and building sales teams. Ryan always asks, “Who do we serve?” When leading his team in making decisions. He has always wanted to provide excellent experiences for his clients. Ryan is passionate about helping businesses get their advertising right. He wrote the book Get Attention: Small Business Marketing Handbook teaches a marketing course for small businesses in association with Ogden Technical College, and consults for clients helping them take their marketing to the next level.

Melissa Spelts – Founder – When Ryan and I were first married, we both decided that I would stay home and raise our children so I spent 16 years doing so and Ryan worked to provide financially for our family. When Ryan came to me with the idea to start Connection Media Co. (Formerly Connection Publishing), I told him it would be a great idea and thought I would just cheer him on as I had done in all of his other careers. About a week before the first magazine was due in 2016, I realized he was still selling advertising and the content wasn’t getting completed. I dove in and helped pull everything together. Since that day, I have helped curate and gather the content we love creating every month. I also love photography and work hard to make sure our covers are beautiful and draw in our readers. Melissa is also a primary contributor to our recipe and meal plan website.

Connection Media Co. serves Local Business Owners of Northern Utah to get more customers, leads, and visitors through custom, targeted marketing. ​We break marketing down into two parts: Lead Generation and Branding. Both are important and we can help you know which is the goal of your marketing plans.
Free Tools for Learning to Market Your Business Effectively.
We help customize your advertising to get results.

If you are a small business you probably don’t have the budget to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, so we put together the tools to help you get top-level results on a much smaller scale.

Just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing results! We are here to help you get and keep attention!

Marketing is so much more than placing ads.

We can help you with audience targeting (WHO), powerful messaging (WHY), and WHERE you should be advertising.

The key to connecting with your ideal clients is to start by defining your WHO and WHY with our free tools and then executing a powerful message across all of your marketing channels. We offer each of the following marketing channels. Print, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Digital Display, Digital Video including Pre-roll, CTV, OTT, and Streaming TV. Programmatic advertising, email, Google Maps, reputation management, video production, photography, websites, branding packages, websites, logos, and marketing courses.

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