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Collaborative Law Corporation

Located conveniently downtown next to the Nanaimo Courts on Vancouver Island, Canada, the Collaborative Law Corporation and Mediation Centre provides professional, experienced, and cost-effective legal and dispute resolution assistance.

We offer Family Law assistance (including our innovative ‘1-Day Divorce‘ program), family and business mediation services, and one-off advice consults. We also host the Nanaimo family and business mediation and arbitration centre.

Collaborative Law Corporation is home of the “1-Day Divorce” – a faster, kinder, collaborative and cost-efficient no-court divorce option. Online across British Columbia and in-person in Nanaimo, Vancouver, and in Kelowna.

Most people don’t need to go to court after separation.

In fact, court can be an extremely costly, hostile and slow way to resolve property division, children and support issues.

We now offer the 1-Day Divorce program in British Columbia – another option for people wanting to resolve child and property division issues amicably, quickly, and cost-effectively. Suitable for separating married and common law couples.

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