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We create plenty of products that address self-care needs for the mind, body, and soul.

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Coco Luxx

When people think about self-care, they think about Coco Luxx. We create plenty of products that address self-care needs for the mind, body, and soul. You’re probably wondering what separates us from the competition? We can tell you first hand it’s our dedication to quality. All of our products are natural, organic, and non-toxic. You’ll find everything you need to create the ideal self-care routine — body butter, eczema relief balm, natural oils, candles, and much more.

The founder of Coco Luxx, Paaez Coleman, creates all formulations. She started making natural products when her daughter developed skin sensitivities to most commercial items. She went to her herbs and created an eczema relief balm that cleared up her skin in just two weeks! She started this business with passion, and you’ll feel the warmth and love that goes into every single product.

Coco Luxx products are made in small batches with great attention to detail. We never skimp on quality because it’s our top priority. All of our ingredients are natural and organic. We also have plenty of spiritual items. Many people love our intention candles, with our Money manifestation candle being a top seller!

We believe everyone should have access to self-care, no matter how crazy you think your schedule is. It’s hard for some of us to make time for self-care, but our products make it easier to schedule this time because it fosters a healthy mindset and helps you avoid feelings of burnout and exhaustion.

Let’s take a look at some of our best-selling products!

If you want to reduce acne breakouts and fade acne scars, check out our Carrot and Turmeric Soap. This complexion bar contains helpful antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories that give you a healthy glow.

Our whipped Body Butter is another self-care essential. We have five different scents — chocolate cookie, pink lemonade, vanilla calendula, berry hibiscus, and sugar rose.

The Berry Hibiscus and Vanilla Calendula Body Butters are infused with organic, active botanicals.

On another note, if you love candles like we love candles, you have to try our best-selling intention candles. Whether you’ve been spiritually in tune for a while or you’re just going through a spiritual awakening, these candles help you manifest and raise your vibration when you need it most.

Our candles are 100% soy wax and hand-poured. We have a few different intention candles to choose from — the money candle, happiness candle, self-love candle, protection candle, and inner growth and healing candle.

Are you trying to clear up some acne breakouts? We’ve got something for that too! Try our natural African Black Cleanser or our Carrot and Turmeric Complexion Bar. Both of these specialized cleaners have natural anti-inflammatory effects to give you the healthy glow you’ve been trying to achieve with your skincare routine.

We love providing natural products for the mind, body, and soul. Everyone needs self-care, and we strive to be the company that offers high-quality products with ingredients you can read and understand! Are you ready to live the LUXX LIFE?!

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