United Kingdom, BurtonOnTrent

Having developed a passion for working with wood and crafting.

Main Services:

Wall clocks, Customisation , Kitchen clocks, Lounge clocks, Hall clocks


I decided to invest my spare time during Covid lock down to build a CNC milling machine. I knew the potential of having one and enjoyed the process of building it, albeit being a long road to complete. Having this machine opened up a whole world of creativity with wood because it allowed me to cut precise shapes. I knew i had a potential to start making extra money with it, but had no idea what i should do. At this point i turned to my wife and asked what she thought i could do, her suggestion was to build wall clocks. It was then that i started to focus on creating designs from wood and develope products to sell online. Initially it was slow using platforms such as etsy but eventually i decided to create a website and slowly grow and improve the products i offered. I soon realised that i could create a niche selling solid hardwood clocks, such as oak and walnut that could be customised on request. Many people ordered them following a renovation of their home and wanted an attractive clock to match their new oak kitchen. Eventually i fell on a Skeleton clock design that became popular, and still is. Since then I’ve realised the importance of building traffic to my website and have used people like Diip to guide me and optimise my website seo. That and various failed attempts with paid advertising. Its been a long 4 years and hopefully a future opportunity for me to retire doing what i love.

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