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The founder of LivingStar has many years of experience in consumer electronics and branding. He has done successful branding launched through large platforms.

Living Star is a home improvement brand, specifically designed for smart toilet bidet seats, and it has a rich set of experiences in the products. Today we are focusing on our website for promoting the bidet seats.

The unique value of LivingStar bidet seats are high-quality and affordable, namely LivingStar 5900 Elongated Bidet Seat, LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat, and LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote. These products should give a great consumer experience. The high-quality bidet seats are all electronic bidet that offers comprehensive washing and air drying with automated features such as automatic wash bidet, oscillation, multi-level adjustments for warm water sprayer, bidet air dryer, and heated seat bidet. One of the unique values of the products is having exclusive bidet nozzle holes that spray warm water for posterior, bidet, or turbo/kid’s wash. The bidet seats are using the most modern ingredients of the technologies that allow consumer conveniences and maximize consumer benefits. The products are all ETL certified ensuring consumer safety. Consumers should enjoy our best bidet seats provided by LivingStar.

The bidet nozzle is one of the core parts of a bidet seat, which has to provide the right amount of water, and water temperature while staying clean all the time. LivingStar understands these important properties of the stainless bidet nozzle; therefore, LivingStar employs these important properties in the products. People are using a bidet seat most likely to enhance personal hygiene. so that, LivingStar is highly concerned about the hygienic features of bidet seats. The product allows automatic nozzle cleaning, replacing nozzle cap, and bidet water filter attachment to enhance personal hygiene.

Providing high-quality, highly responsive services, and ultimately bringing benefits to consumers is our goal.

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