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Hungary, Budapest

I am a Budapest, Hungary-based architect and graphic artist. I draw artistic maps

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posters , postcards , magnets , large wallpapers , t-shirts , planners , custom orders , Budapest Art Maps , Hungary Art , Art prints

Citygraph Gallery

I am a Budapest, Hungary-based architect and graphic artist. I draw artistic maps (I called the Bird’s Eye View), cityscapes with my hand.

The subject of my drawings is Budapest, and The City in general, the metropolis. From bird’s eye view, or tangled in the surreally organic brick and iron jungle, sometimes playful, sometimes ironic, usually black and white, occasionally colorful. I do not simply draw houses, bridges, all sorts of weird structures, but I build them on paper since I know how the buildings work, then I’m telling stories and tales, using my pen to walk through every corner of the cities I create. When people leave a town or a building, nature slowly retakes it. But what if everything happens the other way around and abandoned cities, iron beams, brickwork chimneys, pipelines come to life, and they mix with living organisms?

The genre in which my works are born: mixed media; pen and ink on paper, then I modify, reinterpret the original design with a digital pen, and finally make prints.

I have two small galleries/shops in the city center of Budapest, Hungary, 95% of my customers come from other countries, tourists, ex-pats living, working, studying in Hungary. I sell my artwork as prints, posters, large wallpapers, postcards, magnets, bookmarks, planners, notebooks, coloring books, t-shirts. Tourists visiting Budapest are loving my artwork, they do purchase it, they say because it is so different. It’s fine, but my big problem is the online presence, I can hardly sell online partly because the niche is really small, my artwork, my products are so special, so unique. When you visit Budapest, you can find, discover and see my maps and so you will buy them because you like them, but what are the chances of an average American guy sitting in the States is looking for graphics about Budapest on the net? Most of my customers (50%) come from the US, then from UK, Taiwan, Australia, China, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, etc.

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