CHOPS & Assoc. Live Animation

United States, Carson City

Gary Jesch is a pioneer in the live animation of interactive avatars and digital human industry.

Main Services:

Live performances of interactive avatars, Trade show traffic building, Live hosting of corporate special events, video production services, 2D and 3D animation, live streaming marketing productions to social media platforms, Webinar hosting and production services, Assisting autistic children with interactive avatar adventures

CHOPS & Assoc. Live Animation

He started out serving ad agencies and large corporations with live performances in 1996 with live performances at trade shows, corporate meetings and corporate special events around the world. His work took him to South America frequently for product launches and he performed for HP in Beijing China.

His currently specialty is Virtual Yogi Berra, which he performs live in real time for sports conferences, trade shows and special events. HIs technology uses Respeecher’s technology to clone the voice of Yogi, and his software, 3D Digital Puppeteer (TM) allows him to animated the avatar in real time, using only a laptop computer and some AV equipment.

Jesch has created around three dozen interactive avatars since the early 1990s, and is famous for his version of the Dancing Babies and “My Fish People.”

In 2014 he started a spin-off business called Invirtua, which is designed to help autistic children with social skills and learning issues through live telehealth “Avatar Adventures” with his interactive characters.

Jesch is also the founder and video production specialist at WideWorld Video, based in the Reno/Tahoe area. He serves local business owners who want to improve their communications with customers via Yelp, digital signage and video advertising. As a Certified Atmosphere TV reseller, he can provide multi-channel content for OTT video installations to businesses such as sports bars, restaurants and professional services like doctors office waiting rooms.

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