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Chefs Resources (link: ) website is geared toward Professional Chefs.

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Kitchen Management Training, Food Cost Control, Kitchen Management Excel Forms, Fish Culinary Profiles, Oyster Culinary Profiles, Fish Butchering Yields, Chef Management Training Tools

Chefs Resources Inc

About Chefs Resources

Our basic philosophy is to be the Professional Chef’s informational tool for kitchen management training and culinary information that helps chefs in their daily work.

Looking for information about fresh oysters? We have flavor profiles and harvest regions for over 150 East & West Coast oysters. Need the variations of a New York Steak and the correct IMPS/NAMP number for ordering? Check out our meat buyers guide specs for cuts of beef. Looking for butchering yields for many species of fish so you can break down your own seafood and plan for how much to purchase, as well as how much to charge? See our listing of 60+ fish culinary profiles that lists butchering yields, flavor profile, oil content, seasonality, alternate names, and nutritional info.

We also have in-depth articles and video tutorials about food cost control, managing inventory, training staff, using restaurant business spreadsheets, how to handle P&L meetings, sales mix food cost % -vs- actual food cost %, labor cost control, and more. Chefs Resources has a plethora of downloadable Excel kitchen forms such as prep sheets, a variety of recipe templates, opening & closing sheets, staff schedules, ordering guides, cleaning schedules, and so on.

Our purpose is to provide culinary resources where chefs can access all of their informational needs regarding culinary, kitchen, and restaurant issues. The site is about information, not recipes. Although the site is geared towards chefs; foodies, front-of-the-house staff, and culinarians of all stripes will also find the information helpful.

A Little History

I am David Buchanan, the founder of Chefs Resources and a 30+ year chef-veteran of professional kitchens. I have worked in breakfast houses, buffet restaurants, banquet kitchens, four-diamond resort hotel kitchens, and fine dining kitchens. The largest banquet event I have had to plan and produce for was 30,000 people. You can see some of my creations here (

In 2009 I started the website Chef’s Resources simply as a place to store the info I had learned. I was constantly looking for information that I had already discovered or researched at some point in the past, or that I had either at work or at home but not both. I wanted it all in one place so I could easily access it and never lose it again…so the website was my solution. No more, “Where did I put that? Was it an excel file or a word document? Is it at home or at work? Did I leave it at my last job? What website did I see that on?”

Now if I need information, say on the flavor profile of a Kusshi Oyster, I can access the info on my cell phone! It gives me instant access to the information that makes my work easier. And as I learn new things, it gets added to the website so others can share the knowledge that I have learned.

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