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Australia, Gold Coast

Charge The Globe is a travel website run by Jenny, an Australian, female, over 50, mostly solo traveler.

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Charge The Globe

With over 90 countries visited over 30 years, Jenny is interested in real travel and will tell you not just the best places to see and the best things to do, but will also tell you what travel is really like.

Jenny is primarily a grass roots style traveler and has slept on a beach in Samoa and lived in a tent for 9 months around Africa. While she will readily hand over her money for amazing experiences, typically she doesn’t stay at the high class hotels. Hostels and cheap hotels are her thing!

Charging is a term that describes doing something with everything you have, leaving nothing on the table so when Jenny decided to document her travels and help others to travel, she knew that she would be out there “Charging”. Hence “Charge The Globe”.

Jenny’s website has travel tips, resources for travelers and over 250 articles to showcase destinations and experiences that she has been fortunate enough to have.

From patting a wild whale to hiking active volcano’s Jenny is often out there Charging the Globe – mostly in comfortable shoes!

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