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hapman 3C Cattle Company is a small, family-owned ranch in Central Texas.

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Chapman 3C Cattle Company

Chapman 3C Cattle Company is a small, family-owned ranch in Central Texas. Our operation has been raising livestock for four generations. Wayne Chapman purchased the homestead in 1963 where Chapman 3C Cattle Company is currently located. Our desire is to pass on this land, hard work ethics, and ranching traditions to future generations. We have witnessed many other small ranches selling out due to the rise and fall of the cattle market and in order to keep our small ranch thriving, we had to think outside the box. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the knowledge and ability to raise our own ranch raised beef. This appreciation sparked the realization there was a need to share our resources with others.

We are honored to be stewards of the livestock here at the ranch to provide you with clean sustainable beef. Chapman 3C cattle are grass fed and grain finished using an all-natural, grain finishing ration. Our cattle are never confined to a feedlot and are continuously from pasture to pasture to ensure sustainably raised beef. Our promise to you is there is no additives or preservatives, no added hormones, and no antibiotics in the beef we divide for you and your family. We strive to perfect and produce premium aged beef that is marbled for the most flavor and tenderness.

Chapman 3C Cattle Company is a premier online meat delivery company. We are USDA certified as all natural, pasture raised beef. Our beef is raised and shipped directly from our small Texas ranch to your table. Through our website, you can conveniently purchase your favorite cuts of meat and have them delivered straight to your door. Chapman 3C Cattle Company ships premier USA beef to every continental state. We feel blessed to have a little piece of our Texas ranch spread throughout our great nation.

We have also had the pleasure of personally getting to know many of our customers. Chapman 3C loves to post cooked beef pictures, beef reviews, and beef recipes from our great customers. We can not do what we do without God, a great beef product, and our awesome beef customers! You are always able to contact us directly by phone, email, or messaging us on our social media sites. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our beef products. At Chapman 3C Cattle Company, we believe customer service and direct contact to be an extremely important aspect of our business. You can speak directly to us about every aspect of our beef business.

At Chapman 3C, we have something for everyone. We have options for wholes and half sides of beef, artisan specialty beef cuts, multiple beef box options, and gift cards available. Chapman 3C Cattle Company has handpicked some of our customer favorites and bundled them together for perfect beef gift boxes. We also sell specialty all beef sausages and will have premium beef jerky coming soon. Chapman 3C Cattle Company wants to make it easy and convenient for you to order and receive consistent, quality beef. We invite you to try our beef and become part of our 3C family!

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