Celenic Earth Publications

South Africa, Cape Town

We are a South African based company that publishes writers from all over the world, and distributes and sells their products online anywhere in the world.

Main Services:

Publishing, Writing, Editing, Project Management, Website Management, Online Content, News, Press Releases

Celenic Earth Publications

We take pride in releasing annual anthologies of short stories based on genres, with our key anthology being the world record anthology of 108 short stories, CEA Greatest Anthology Written!

Having said that, books are not the only arena that we play in. We celebrate the written word, and have several divisions in our company that focus on separate writing industries. To that end, we provide services for online content, video games, movies, music, comics, project management, and anything that requires professional writing or publishing.

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"I love how much it helps me increase my site's traffic and awareness with clear objectives"

Diib review by Celenic Earth Publications

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