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Acquire a high quality and differentiated wooden shelter for his companion dog

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Casotas & Companhia was founded by David Alves as an independent worker, which originated from his need to acquire a high quality and differentiated wooden shelter for his companion dog. Not finding a product on the market that would satisfy his needs, he decided to build his pet’s kennel and realized the business potential of the product because, after showing it to several dog owners, breeders, handlers, trainers and veterinarians, he got a lot of feedback positive and started the production of shelters and maternity hospitals by order, giving rise today to Casotas e Companhia.

Firstly, know how, we have already taken more than 10 years of experience in the construction of shelters and accessories for animals, we know the realities and needs of each animal like no one else, which means that when buying a shelter, you have the guarantee that you will provide comfort for many years to your pet. We have qualified professionals in various areas of manufacturing and state-of-the-art production equipment, as well as our items are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Second, the best balance between quality and environmental responsibility. We only work with top quality materials from sustainable forests, as well as some recycled materials. We only use aqueous products, which do not leave any kind of odor nor are they harmful if the animal tricks the wood. You can check it in the technical sheets and the guarantees given to our products! Our items are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Still linked to the environmental part, Casotas & Companhia works daily with the aim of leaving an ecological footprint as small as possible, which is why we have long since adopted digital documentation, the product packaging itself is all made from recycled material and with the possibility of regeneration contributing to the maximum for a circular economy. In our factory, all equipment that may pollute the environment is equipped with HEPA filters or similar, so that the air that leaves the atmosphere is as clean as possible.
The heating of our production and finishing booths comes entirely from BIOMASS.

At Casotas & Companhia the watchword is quality. We never work with poor quality materials and there was never an order from our facilities that did not meet our quality criteria. If eventually any order is not within our parameters, we easily redo the same or replace any necessary material, even if it is more expensive or that delays the order.
We only work with first quality materials, thus guaranteeing a quality product with durability, but above all, it is welcoming to the animals that live in it.

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