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Lawyers, how often do you find yourself wondering why it seems so hard to move forward in your career?

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Career Coaching For Lawyers

Career Coaching For Lawyers

You work hard – often too hard – and you’re just not enthused about your legal career anymore, but you have no idea how to change things.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads – should you go for promotion, or move in-house?

Perhaps you’re getting pigeon-holed, taken for granted, not valued or sponsored?

It’s easy to believe you have little choice, but that’s simply not true. You just need to see your legal career from a different perspective.

You can easily get your career back on track by:

1. Getting clear on what’s important to you and what makes you tick
2. Clearing away what’s holding you back from the success you deserve
3. Working in a way that feels true to who you really are
4. Adding value and making yourself indispensable
5. Becoming visible and valuable so you’re first in line for new opportunities

I’m sure you want to build your reputation, do meaningful work and get the fulfilment that you deserve. To do that, you need to establish your credibility, create healthy boundaries and position yourself as the must-hire/must-promote candidate, BUT JUST YOU DON’T KNOW HOW.

I get it – as a lawyer myself I know how relentless the legal profession can be. Even lawyers who move in-house can find themselves surrounded by colleagues who have been formed by their legal training and experience.

And when you’re feeling tired and under pressure, it’s impossible to thinking optimistically or creatively about your career.

But the GOOD NEWS is that I’ve coached 100s of lawyers at all stages in their career to rekindle their enthusiasm and motivation for their work either by landing a promotion, finding a new role in alignment with what’s important to them, or starting a new role with confidence and vision.

I’ve created the LAWYERS CAREER MASTERMIND™️, a holistic 6-month programme to help you devise your long-term career strategy and a step-by-step practical plan for implementing it.

You’ll never be stuck in your career again!

“If you want to take stock of your career, the Lawyers Career Mastermind™️ is an investment which will benefit your career immeasurably. Paula is highly personable, responsive and incredibly generous with her time. She has worked with some of the best law firms and can relate to any issues you may want to discuss. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Senior litigator

If you’re serious about getting out of your career rut, email me ( to find out more (more details below ⬇ too).

You really are meant for more…

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