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CARE healthy living is a wellness and fitness blog on a mission to bridge the information gap between health professionals and the consumers of health services.

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CARE healthy living

We publish in-depth and painstakingly fact-checked health information to educate, empower, and inspire our readers on the path of wellness and longevity.

CARE healthy living covers breaking health news and the latest research in healthcare, nutrition, wellness, weight loss, and fitness. We focus on healthy eating, health-promoting foods, vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements.

We also focus on topics relating to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We cover breakthroughs in medical research and advancements in healthcare that improve the quality of our lives. Our focus on recent advances in research and healthcare is relevant in a 21st-century world in which medical experts are engaged in cutting-edge research expanding the frontiers of knowledge into the causes, prevention, and treatment of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Some of the most recent advances in medical science we are excited about include those that offer the promise of a new generation of treatments. Such advances include innovations in gene therapy and gene-editing technology.

Genome editing offers revolutionary technologies that will have a profound impact on the way we treat illnesses. Gene editing technology, such as the CRISPR–Cas9 system, will allow experts to alter DNA sequences and change the genes of plants, animals, and humans.

We are also excited about developments in the treatment of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), cystic fibrosis, migraine, and hepatitis C, and a new class of drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer in men, known as PARP inhibitors.

CARE healthy living is committed to offering timely and accurate information about these new developments so that our readers can make informed decisions about their health.

Our editorial team includes medical and scientific research professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields. They are committed to serving the best quality of health information to our diverse audience in an easy-to-comprehend style and format.

Our seasoned medical and science editors work hard to present complex and technical health information in language that any audience can understand without dumbing it down.

We serve accurate, trustworthy, and evidence-based health information because we believe the best quality of health information should be available to everyone regardless of their age, sex, gender, race, and ethnicity.

We maintain strict sourcing guidelines as part of our commitment to providing accurate and reliable health information.

Our editorial team maintains a list of authoritative sources of health information. We regularly update our list of trusted sources to ensure we only cite up-to-date and authoritative peer-reviewed studies and reputable institutional authorities.

We cover clinical research by professionals in health and allied fields.

We cover basic research by experts working in universities and research institutes. Such studies often focus on the theoretical underpinnings of medical science and may involve experts in the pure and applied sciences who may not be medical scientists.

That explains why our editorial team includes experts in the pure and applied sciences with a lifetime of experience in their fields.

Everything about our setup underscores the fact that we prioritize the reliability and accuracy of the information we share because we want to make the best quality of health information available to our readers.

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