Capulet Art Consulting

Canada, Richmond

Capulet Art is a bohemian-style art gallery and framing shop that started in 2006.

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Canada, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Delta

Capulet Art Consulting

Capulet Art is a bohemian-style art gallery and framing shop that started in 2006. We focus on showcasing talented hidden artwork to the public by making art accessible through art exhibitions and live art performances throughout the city.

Through this, we provide art rentals and leasing from abstract and figurative artists in Vancouver, BC. Our focus is on renting cleared artwork to motion picture companies for their film productions at competitive rates. Another focus is on selling, renting and leasing artwork to businesses. Companies benefit from renting and leasing artwork because it can be deducted as a business expense while also providing a fresh and new feel to the work space. Businesses also benefit from purchasing original artwork over $1000 CAD because they can depreciate it over 5 years at 20% a year, similar to depreciating office furniture.

On the framing side, we provide affordable picture framing to the public. Our goal is to help promote the Arts, and so, we believe that if more artwork is shown on walls, the better the industry will be. However, with expensive picture framing around, this can make that difficult, so, we deliberately make our framing prices affordable with the hopes that more artwork will be shown on walls.

Our gallery name is based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, namely, Juliet Capulet. We want to focus on the beauty of the feminine self while showcasing works of art meant to be shown to the public, rather than, being hidden away in artist studios.

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