Canine Health Canada


Canine Health Canada is dedicated to helping dog owners and dog lovers learn the skills to confidently and effectively help their animal in an emergency.

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Canine First Aid Courses, Childrens canine first aid courses, Dog first aid, dog first aid manual

Canine Health Canada

When something happens – YOU are the first responder, YOU are the critical step between injury or health crisis and seeing the veterinarian.

We spend a 7 hour day with our customers, teaching them hands-on. They learn skills like canine CPR and mouth to nose resuscitation, external extraction technique for trachea-lodged items such as balls or toys, Heimlich maneuver, managing fractures and stabilizing an injured dog for transport and as well as covering topics such as medications, drowning/dry drowning, poison, hyper/hypothermia, skunk spray and porcupine run-ins, administering medications, taking vital signs, what the vet needs to know, and tons more.

Our program is Veterinarian-approved and monitored, and each student receives a 130 page first aid reference book, a certificate of completion, and a wallet -sized canine CPR-certified card.

We offer courses across Canada and the USA, and some international locations.

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