CanBiocin Inc.

Canada, Edmonton

CanBiocin is a global leader in species-specific companion animal and livestock probiotic development.

Main Services:

Pet Probiotics, Livestock Probiotics, Animal Probiotics, Product Development

CanBiocin Inc.

With a mission to build health from the inside out, the company targets overall microbiome health to support animal wellness, vitality and productivity. Today, its premium canine and other pet probiotic lines help global pet food manufacturers fill their customers’ need to care for their pets as integral members of their families deserving of the same attention and investment in their health and wellness.
CanBiocin’s livestock probiotics offer a natural, non-antibiotic alternative to support
livestock health and production. Poultry and swine producers benefit by having healthier, productive animals. CanBiocin has a growing number of customers in North America, as well as internationally.

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