Camp America


Camp America (CA) is a 9-12 week placement to work as a camp counsellor at a US summer camp.

Main Services:

cultural exchange, gap year, youth travel

Camp America

Camp America is a unique gap year that gives a young person the opportunity to use their interests and/or expertise in a practical way; living and working at an American summer camp they will use their childcare to support and assist American children in activities at their camp.

Camp America offers the opportunity to make a difference, experience another culture, as well as gain valuable international work experience.

After their camp placement, Camp America camp counsellors have 30 days under their visa to travel in the US and see the country.

Camp America is one of the few company’s that has its own office in both Australia and the USA. We provide support to our applicants from the moment they apply, throughout their placement and travels.

Camp America is a unique opportunity that has changed the lives of thousands of young people from around the globe since it was founded in 1969. Camp America is the original camp counsellor company.

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