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canvas boots , high-top sneakers , tattoo flash clothing , designer flip flops , calico jacks brand , alternative street fashion and footwear , youth street fashion , skater style outfits , urban fashion

Calico Jacks Online

Calico Jacks Online began as a boutique store in New Zealand in 2006 when we started to import several brands we found in the Camden Markets (a London fashion hub) so that these would be available to fans of Alternative fashion and the punk/skater/goth street styles that were popular then. We also created our own Calico Jacks Apparel Brand. In 2017 we put the business on hold and moved to Brisbane, Australia and in Feb 2021 began focusing on this new and improved website. We know some of our designs are pretty out there but that also makes them eye-catching. We are slowly shifting away from goth/emo/punk fashion that was our original focus so many years ago, and head down into uncharted waters towards a more outdoor sunny urban street and beach wear style for skaters and surfers and scenesters, hipsters and youth subcultures in general. Re-energized by this new focus we have some bold big plans, like our sneakers, flip flops and boots collections!

Finally an important note, everything on our website is PRINT ON DEMAND and what this means is when an order is placed it goes from our website to 1 of many different fulfilment centers based around the world. These fulfilment centers also produce for 1000’s of other businesses, so the order gets put in a queue and is produced when its turn arrives. From here the order is made and sent out directly to the customers address.
So what this means, in terms of sustainability and keeping a very small carbon footprint, is that there are no physical products being shipped multiple times to multiple locations, it goes A B C. Everything is made to order as well so there is no wasted stock which we consider a very green approach in an ever changing but hopefully kinder environment for future generations on this planet. Now this and Global Pandemic Outbreaks can and will unfortunately slow down the time it takes for products to arrive. But we try our best, as do the fulfilment centers and the shippers, what is the rush anyway right, its basically groundhog day everyday anyway, and its nice to know something is coming in the mail. Please be patient, times are tough for everyone out there. * PEACE *

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