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Cairis Counselling

Cairis Counselling is a counselling agency in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Cairis started in 2019 with a vision to help people become their best selves. In May 2022 the practice expanded to include a second therapist with plans to add more.

What is unique about Cairis Counselling?
Everyone at Cairis Counselling operates from a trauma informed perspective. It is important to go beyond the way we think to a more complete view that attends to each aspect of the healing process.

This includes how we think about ourselves and the world. It also entails attending to emotional wounds and traumatic memories from the past. Instead of just managing emotions like anxiety or anger, we can find an inner calm.

Another important component is finding self-compassion and learning to be curious about oneself. It is understandable why so often we feel the need to be hard on ourselves to be good enough, to perform well and keep people happy with us. But that unrelenting self-criticism and success anxiety is exhausting and limiting. We can learn to accept the truth of what we have done and still value ourselves in the midst of this. This means having the courage to forgive ourselves and let go of the shame trusting that we are indeed enough.

At Cairis Counselling we do this with evidence based, trauma informed approaches to counselling. Each therapist brings a unique blend of themselves and their approach, always with the aim of helping our clients reach their counselling goals.

Our clients experience an affirming atmosphere free of judgment, labeling or shame. Each person is honored for who they are and the unique skills and experience they bring.

Starting therapy takes courage. We make every effort to make the entire experience as good as possible so that nothing gets in the way of your progress. We want everyone to have more than just a great counselling experience, but also a great client experience.

This starts with being available for sessions in-person and online.

For our in-person sessions we are conveniently located in downtown Saskatoon in a modern, secure, and clean professional building. All sessions are conducted in a welcoming atmosphere with natural light and comfortable seating.

We are located in the Skyline business center on the tenth floor of the CIBC building. There is a clean, comfortable and spacious waiting room with a television, complimentary water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate along with free wifi.

We take great care to make the online experience as good as possible. This means we use studio quality lighting, cameras, and microphones so that each session is as close to being in-person as possible. Redundant internet connections ensure we are available when you are available.

Online Booking
Our online booking system makes it easy to book, reschedule, and cancel sessions. Each client can set up the reminders they want by text or email. Forms can be filled out online, and third-parties can be set up to directly get receipts from your sessions. It is quick, convenient and easy to use.

Cancellation Policy
Our clients are free to cancel or reschedule their appointments 24 hours before the session without cost.

Affordable Rates
A Cairis Counselling we recognize that accessing quality mental health care can be a challenge. Our rates are intentionally set below the market average. All therapists are Certified Counselors or Registered Social Workers, which qualify for coverage under most benefit plans. We also take clients under Open Path. With Open Path clients can access the support they need for a discounted rate.

About the Founder
Leighton Tebay has been an entrepreneur for all of his adult life with an aim to give back. Whether this was through mentoring, group work, or supporting non-profits, the drive has always been to leave the world a little bit better than he found. A proud father, step-father, and husband, Leighton’s first experience of therapy came trying to understand and support his step-son navigate autism and ADHD.

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