Romania, Bucharest

I am a business strategy consultant and my key target are Romanian entrepreneurs.

Main Services:

Business strategy consulting for entrepreneurs, Business strategy audit, Business model definition and innovation, Marketing strategy consulting services, Business strategy courses, Business Processes Optimisation Projects, Strategy Coaching for Entrepreneurs


My expertise as a consultant is in the area of integrated business strategy development, communication and strategic marketing (communication audit and marketing and communication strategy), BPM (business process optimization), business diagnosis and analysis (McKinsey 7S), business innovation model and business strategy design and implementation.

I coordinated and coordinate multidisciplinary teams in business consulting projects.

I was also involved in business evaluation processes for mergers & acquisitions, repositioning on the market and rebranding and startups.

For over 3 years, I have also been doing integrated business strategy consulting with business coaching (executive coaching, business coaching, team coaching) with already over 20 companies and probably around 70-80 managers and leaders with whom I have gathered over 500 hours of coaching.

What differentiates me is that I do not deliver projects, but I assume concrete business results with my clients. We get results, I get paid. We don’t get results, I don’t get paid. So simple 🙂

Also, another distinctive element regarding my services is that I integrate into any consulting service and business coaching sessions (executive coaching and team coaching). Over the last 3 years I have found that this way of working dramatically increases the performance of my programs and the results of my clients because it provides clarity, sets clear goals and better motivates entrepreneurs and their teams.

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