Bohemia Adventures

Czechia, Prague

Bohemia Adventures is an outdoor adventure agency run by a young international family.

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Bohemia Adventures

It is getting popular for creating unique and extraordinary experiences in the beautiful nature of the Czech Republic, mainly being Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park. The company specializes in one-day hiking and adventure trips from Prague and motivates international visitors to spend time in nature in very unique ways.

Bohemia Adventures is a female-led business. The founder of Bohemia Adventures Vladka has lived in various parts of the world including the UK, Australia, Canada, India and Costa rica and has travelled to over 60 countries. Her experience working in the travel industry for over 15 years supported by her travel stories adds very unique value to international guests.

The agency is involved in various adventure sports from mountain biking to rock climbing, hiking to horse riding, rafting and more during the summer season and snow-based sports such as snowboarding and cross country skiing during the winter months.

The agency runs various day trips from Prague. International travellers who are visiting Prague can book their tours directly from their website or their partner companies such as TripAdvisor. Their tours are getting very popular for their unique organisation, quality and customer service. International guests have choices to really make a unique experience of their Czech Republic Travel.

Jessica from London writes about her experience, “Had such an incredible day and experience on this tour! Our tour was amazing from start to finish. The attention to detail and comforts such as snacks for the journey were a great touch. The hike had incredible views and the horse ride was breathtaking. We really felt like Bohemia Adventures was catering to our needs as we all like an off-roading adventure to find the best lookout spots”. Their google, TripAdvisor and Facebook page is filled with amazing reviews like this.

A little about the family-run business Bohemia Adventures

Bohemia Adventures is Prague based Adventure tour operator. The agency is run by Vladk and Ash and their incredible team of unique guides. The couple promotes Inner and Outer adventure in life through adventure sports and meditation practices. The young family with their young son Mauri and border Collie dog Benjamin love to explore the hidden spots of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park. This national park won the European Destination of Excellence award in 2009 for its beauty and uniqueness. The national park was also filmed in The Chronicles of Narnia movie and took people by surprise that the amazing landscape was not CGI but an actual place with trippy sandstone formation.

The owner Vladka grew up in these mountains and started Bohemia Adventures to bring adventure seekers around the world to her backyard. These mountains are getting popular for various activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing and horse riding. The adventure couple promotes a healthy lifestyle by both spending time in nature and challenging themselves to try something new and by involving in various authentic meditation and yoga practices.

If you are travelling in Europe then Prague must be on your bucket list for its beauty and architecture. But Czech nature is also very unique and incredible. Bohemian Switzerland is a must-visit national park just a 2-hour drive from Prague. The national park with its unique landscape is slowly getting the name of fairytale land.

A Unique Travel Experience in Mountains

Bohemia Adventures is getting a very high reputation for organising unique travel experiences in Czech nature.
Some of their private trips in the Czech Republic are making a sensation as these trips are tailor-made for individuals. A trip may include music, cake and champagne to make a unique experience. Trips can include a horse ride on a beautiful white horse in the middle of scenic views to create a unique experience. They are also getting popular for conducting amazing team building days in nature. The activities can involve rock climbing. Rafting and hiking.

Bohemia Adventures is dedicated to making travel an everlasting moment by using their years of travel experience around the world to create a unique experience.

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