Blackbox Meats

United States, Las Vegas

Our company’s vision is to become the industry leader in the on-demand economy that allows consumers to order high-quality meats and have it delivered to their door – FRESH.

Main Services:

American Wagyu Beef, Japanese Wagyu Beef, Dry Aged Beef, Seafood

Blackbox Meats

Foodservice veteran Jeff Pugh founded Blackbox Meats in 2019.

Blackbox Meats is an online ordering platform that connects local or regional supplier(s) directly to consumers in a marketplace. The products made available through Blackbox Meats is not what you will find in a local supermarket or grocery store. Instead of providing customers with the same old cuts and same old flavors, the company focuses on bringing both variety and quality to the very doors of the consumers who crave new and better culinary experiences. From Wagyu beef to smoked salmon, Blackbox Meats is here to provide what the average grocery store simply cannot.

Our goal is to change the way consumers buy meat. Blackbox Meats allows you to choose what you want and receive it when you want it – FRESH. You can simply create your own dining experience without having to leave your home by selecting one steak at a time. There are no minimums, and there are no frozen mail orders.

“I believe high-quality meats should be accessible to everyone no matter where you live.”

Jeff Pugh – CEO

A lack of options should limit no one’s culinary adventures. That’s precisely why Blackbox Meats is dedicated to getting as many different delicious cuts of meat into the hands of cooks and chefs across the country as possible. From beef to seafood, we deliver any meat you might need, FRESH and fast and without a hassle right to your door. However, we don’t just deliver any meat. While we do have affordable skirt steak, strip loin, and filet mignon cuts, we also offer a wide variety of domestic and Wagyu beef options, including ground beef bulk packages and a wide range of steak cuts. Pork and beef roasts are available for those looking to feed a family or group, while a delicious rack of lamb is available for individuals looking to try something new in their own kitchen. Fresh seafood ranges from king crab to wild-caught tiger shrimp, and includes favorites such as cold-smoked salmon and the chef favorite ahi tuna. Regardless of the cut of meat you choose when you order meat from us, you can rest assured it’ll arrive tasty, fresh, and ready for your dinner plans.

While fresh cuts of meat are certainly our specialty, Blackbox Meats also offers a number of crafted meats to our customers as well. Those looking for exciting flavor profiles may be interested in the selection of sausages we offer from various locations, such as chicken and apple sausage, sausage bratwursts, hot links, and Italian sweet links. If you’re looking to entertain and a roast doesn’t seem to fit the occasion, we also offer a selection of charcuterie boards, loaded with some of our best meats and cheeses, sliced and arranged for your convenience.

Blackbox Meats was created to provide our local communities with easy access to fresh, delicious meat when little was available. Jeff Pugh, the founder of Blackbox Meats and owner of Freedom Meats, became aware that grocery store shelves were cleared of nearly all meat products during the rise of COVID-19 in the later months of 2019. Furthermore, the high-end Las Vegas restaurants he supplied through Freedom Meats called for less and less stock, leading to overflow within Freedom Meats. Pugh launched Blackbox Meats and managed to kill two birds with one stone. By opening his stock to the public, he averted an over-stocking crisis and managed to get valuable protein sources into the hands of families who needed it most. The business took off, and since the site’s initial launch, we have opened a grand total of nine locations, ranging from Seattle all the way to Atlanta on the East Coast. A service born of community necessity now has the opportunity to provide countless chefs and cooks with quality meats for all types of culinary ventures.

Though Blackbox Meats was only launched in 2019, we have already seen great success in our field. Within two days of launching our online ordering business, we saw over 2,000 orders for our chef-quality products, and things haven’t shown signs of slowing down since. The unprecedented interest in our business has allowed us to both support our local community in times of need and other communities across the United States that may not have access to the excellent products we supply. Blackbox Meats will continue to adhere to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves to ensure our customers never receive anything but the best in terms of quality, customer service, convenience, and flavor.

Food delivery services have been around for well over a decade now, and many businesses have taken up the task of delivering food straight to customers’ doors. So, what makes the meat delivery services at Blackbox Meats stand out from the rest? Simply put, our selection of products and our dedication to delivering fresh, never frozen products to our customers is totally unrivaled on the modern market. While many companies offer meat and ingredient delivery, most of them freeze their products during transport, a process that makes the meat less juicy and leaves you with a less than perfect product when it arrives and thaws. When shopping with us, frozen, dried-out meat will never be a worry. We offer the best meat at the best prices and with the best delivery practices to homes across the country.

Our dedication to providing our customers with something new also sets us apart from other meat delivery companies. Often, when you buy meat online, you’ll still find that you’re limited to a handful of options – ground beef, ribeye, sirloin, and maybe a chicken breast package. We want our customers to have access to more ingredients when and where they want them. That’s why we’ve included seafood, pork, poultry, and high-end beef cuts on our menu. We make these top-tier ingredients easy to access for every meat aficionado and will continue to do so for years to come.

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