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Best Luxury Property is a consolidated, all-Italian reality that has been operating in the real estate sector since 1985

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Best Luxury Property Luxury Real Estate

Investing in Italy today is for many a choice dictated not only by the beauty of the places and properties, but also by the market situation which, at the moment, is particularly favorable. It is therefore an investment that, over time, can give a very interesting income. Of course, but it is easy enough to guess, one must turn to true Luxury Real Estate professionals, who know not only the general market, but in particular the Italian one.

Luxury Real Estate in Italy, such as the opportunities
The luxury property sector in Italy offers really great opportunities for those who, even from abroad, want to buy a property in the country. There are numerous properties of great value, not only from an economic point of view, but also from an artistic and cultural one.

From the highly sought-after villas on the lakes, which open onto landscapes of extraordinary beauty, to the historic houses of Tuscany, which belonged to noble families, castles and modern dream houses. All regions have very valuable real estate assets, in particular Lombardy, Tuscany and Piedmont.

If, on the other hand, you prefer more modern, but very valuable properties, you can orient yourself on the renowned Costa Smeralda or on the new luxury real estate market that is developing in Salento.

However, we recommend the advice of experts in the luxury real estate sector because it is a very particular segment of the real estate market and not everyone has the skills to carry out this activity flawlessly and safely.

Best Luxury Property is a consolidated, all-Italian reality that has been operating in the real estate sector since 1985 with the utmost professionalism and great competence. A punctual and always updated specialization acquired “in the field”, that is, working hard for 36 years in this field, knowing the different realities of this sector and not through the acquisition of a certification, as many franchising agencies possess, certifications that certainly they are high-sounding, but then the practical work is quite another thing.

Best Luxury Property deals exclusively with luxury properties and prestigious properties, in order to satisfy 100% a specific type of clientele. Being specialized in a field means being able to guarantee its customers the maximum service and attention they deserve, tailoring work compared to that of franchising which, obviously, gives different results and a purchasing experience that often exceeds even customer expectations.

All the properties that are offered to customers are carefully selected, this to always guarantee the excellence and the best placement of these assets within the specific target. The advantages of this working method are undoubtedly greater customer satisfaction, but also a reduction in time, in fact, by dedicating themselves to previously selected properties, the customer will not have to evaluate dozens of properties, but only those most suited to his requests and needs.

But Best Luxury Property can also provide a highly professional service, such as a Buyer Agent, to purchase a prestigious property in Italy or even abroad. For further information on this, or for any other type of information, you can browse, or contact the consultants directly.

Services for buyers, but also for owners
A constant dialogue with the seller allows you to fully grasp all the needs, obviously with the utmost discretion in all phases of the negotiation. In this regard, in fact, various energies are invested precisely to be able to interpret the customer’s requests and make them meet those of the seller.

A personalized, tailored service that allows both parties to find complete satisfaction both in terms of the sale of the luxury property and in terms of its purchase.

Thanks to the collaboration with international partners, Best Luxury Property can also offer impeccable service abroad, creating a relationship of trust with the customer with great professionalism and transparency.

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