Benanna Bakery Inc

Canada, Chilliwack

BeNanna Bakery, as you know it, began in Ben and Anna Van Eck’s kitchen in 2012.

Main Services:

cakes, sourdoughbread, pastries, cookies, bread, pies, buns, quarkcake, whipping cream, ciabatta

Benanna Bakery Inc

BeNanna Bakery, as you know it, began in Ben and Anna Van Eck’s kitchen in 2012. A local school asked if they would do some baking as a school fundraiser, and because baking is in his blood — they said yes! They contacted bakery suppliers for ingredients and packaging, and proceeded to bake day and night. The day of the fundraiser, they ended up with a minivan full of product. Anna went to the sale and Ben remained behind to finish cleaning up, worried that the product wouldn’t sell and wondering what to do if it didn’t.
An hour later, Anna phoned to say they were completely sold out. With excitement, they realized there is a market for their delicious product and began to seriously think of baking regularly.

Ben and Anna like to do things correctly, so the first step was a business licence and they quickly learned they first needed a health permit. The health department told them they would never receive a permit to operate out of their kitchen; they would need a separate building. A separate building was far too costly; however, with a little “out of the box” thinking, the Van Ecks considered their garage. After repainting, buying equipment, and a second visit from the health department, BeNanna Bakery was born!
Many things have changed since then; BeNanna Bakery now has a solid clientele that returns each week, new equipment and new location but some things have stayed the same. They bake everything from scratch, using locally-sourced ingredients, real butter and real whipping cream. Ben and Anna are committed to bringing their customers the best pastries they’ve ever tasted!

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