Because Marriage Matters

United States, Kansas City

We, Austin and Rachel Holt, are a husband and wife team that have paved the way to a new approach in marriage transformation.

Main Services:

Marriage Counseling, Marriage Coaching, Marriage Events, Marriage Retreats, Marriage Books, Marriage Retreats, Marriage Workshops, Marriage Sessions, Connection Cards, Marriage Resources

Because Marriage Matters

Our work is based on Christian principles, and reinforced by cutting edge counseling and psychology-based practices and techniques. After spending a decade in the wedding industry, as well as the life and executive coaching industry, we blended all of our strengths and experience into a powerful method that has proven to increase success in marriages.

We offer everything from 1 on 1, 2 on 2, workshops, retreats, events, books, marriage games and our flag-ship online program that is backed by a community of like-minded couples who care about creating marriage excellence in their daily lives.

We help couples transform not only their marriage, but their family as well. From there, their marriage impacts their immediate community and eventually the whole community around them. We help them form a new foundation for their marriage, and help them increase their communication skills, connection, intimacy and so much more.

We work with Churches, corporations, non-profits, small groups and other businesses of all sizes. We are brought in to lead corporate events, and even train other marriage counselors. We bring a very fresh perspective to the counseling industry that is potent, and working very well.

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