Barker Oana-Andreea PFA

Romania, Bucharest

I offer online German & French group lessons for Romanian students- so, the course language is Romanian.

Main Services:

Barker Oana-Andreea PFA

I am myself a sworn translator and qualified teacher and lived many years in Germany (these are my main edges, I guess). I have a little team, too – two native speakers for each language.
I have got so far plenty of work for myself , mainly from advertising and posting on FB; my clients (most of them) live in a German- speaking country , like Germany or Switzerland, and they desperately need to learn the language. ALL my clients are Romanian- speakers , like myself, and the groups are very small, max. 6-7 students. (This is my business edge).
At first , the impact of my adds on FB was pretty big and I got a very good start; now , most of my clients come from word-of-mouth recommendations. This is also ok, for now, but I feel FB dried out for me, so I need to find a new online pool of clients, like on google.
That’s where I got stuck and that’s why I came to you!

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